Natural Flea Treatment You Must Know
Have you been noticing fleas in your home? These parasites are so annoying as it not just causes your pet to itch and transmit diseases, but they can bite you as well as the rest of the family too. They're more than just nuisance as they pose real health risks for your dogs and cats if left unnoticed. See the  best flea treatment for cats 

There are so many ways in which your pet can get fleas. As a matter of fact, fleas like spots where they could hide from sun similar to long grass and obviously, in your home. Your dog or cat can acquire fleas simply by being with other animals that have such. Believe it or not, even just walking near them is enough as fleas can jump from one host to the other. These fleas get in your dog or cat's coat and then lay their eggs. Some eggs will hatch on them while others drop off in your carpet, yard, upholstery and bedding. Eventually, you'll just be dealing with a full blown flea infestation in your house. Read more here

But you should not turn to using toxic chemical based insecticides in treating fleas in your dog. It is because of the reason that there are a number of natural flea control methods that you can try which work without putting the health of your family and dog at risk. The beauty about these natural flea treatments is that, they are available in various forms like for instance, there's one that you can get in shampoos. Such contains neem oil which has been used for a very long time in repelling all kinds of insects. Bathing your dog or cat with it is going to help in killing fleas but, the neem oil stays on their coat and prevent fleas from getting a ride on your dog.

There are flea repellant sprays that you can use as well. Once again, these are based mainly on neem oil. However, some are using citronella which is another well known and effective insect repellant. These sprays must be used on a day to day basis to have effective flea treatment.

To be able to kill fleas in your home however, try checking out diatomaceous earth which is one of the best ways of killing not just the adult fleas but the flea larvae. As a bonus, it can help in killing bedbugs and cockroaches too. Diatomaceous earth mechanically kills flea by causing harm to the insect's exoskeleton which lead to their dehydration and eventually, death. You may spread it outside the yard, upholstery, bedding, carpet or even on your pet.